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Northern Ireland's Justice Minister calls for ammendments to Chief Constable application criteria

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Currently, in order to apply for the role of Northern Ireland's Chief
Constable you must have served at assistant chief constable level for a
minimum of two years.

Justice Minister for Norther Ireland, David Ford has called for this
requirement to be deemed 'desireable' as opposed to essential for the
application. The change will open up the to more potential internal PNSI
employees when the current holder of the post, Matt Baggott, retires in

As it stands, only one candidate, Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton
is eligible to apply to fill the position. The current stringency restricts
other assistant chief constables from making an application.

An executive will discuss the matter on Thursday and Mr Ford's will is
unlikely to succeed, this is in part due to larger numbers of DUP and Sinn
Fein party members on the executive.