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Northamptonshire PCC Job Selection Accused of Being Biased

Monday, 3 June 2013

Applicant Mr Drake who applied for the strategic role within Mr Simmonds commission has placed a complaint claiming that the selection process was “neither fair nor free from bias”. 

The job was appointed to Kathryn Buckle who has worked previously for Mr Simmonds’ as former election agent during last year’s election and hence Mr Drake feels that Ms Buckle was favoured over him.

Mr Drake applied for the role as he has 10 years of relevant experience which includes working for the Ministry of Defence and also as an executive officer for the Assistant secretary General at NATO and also the United Nations.  In the complaint he states ‘“I struggle to see on what quantifiable and auditable basis this selection and appointment was made.”

What made Mr Drake complain wasn’t the main issue that he didn’t get the job as he states, “What really annoyed me about this particular interview was the significant disconnect between PCC statements to the media about this process being rigorous and transparent and the reality of the process for me as a candidate. This kind of apparent dishonesty is something I am used to seeing – and correcting – in the Balkans.”

Mr Simmonds denies any allegations of cronyism and defends the producers of the recruitment team. He insists that the process of recruiting for the role was fair and rigorous.

A meeting will be held in a fortnight with the Police and Crime panel to discuss the letter of complaint for Mr Drake.

A spokesman stated that they are aware of the complaint and released a statement stating "The recruitment process was conducted by Northamptonshire Police’s head of Human Recourses, David Williams, who was also on the interview panel. The commissioner will consider what action, if any, to take following the meeting of the Police & Crime Panel sub committee on June 14".