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GUERNESEY’S police force and border agency to be headed by one

Friday, 16 November 2012

Under new plans the two bodies will become aligned under a single head of law enforcement, thus ensuring tighter working bonds and a more efficient service.

This new radical plan put forward by the Home Department is intended to “improved front-line service delivery, greater efficiency in the use of resources and increased accountability” accordingly to Home Minister Jonathan Le Tocq (centre).

Effectively this amalgamation will remove the positions of Chief of Police, currently held by Patrick Rice (left), and Chief of the Border Agency, currently held by Rob Prow (right). However, these two will specifically be invited to apply for this new post as head of the affiliated authority.

This decision apparently came about after extensive consultation with senior officers and management of both bodies and Deputy Le Tocq emphasised how despite the change in leadership, "there will still be two distinct law enforcement services. There will still be police officers on the streets, and GBA officers at the airport and the harbours.”

Ultimately the entire purpose of this new radical reform is for the benefit of Guernsey’s law enforcement structure to make the most effective and efficient service.

Interviews for this new post are set to take place this December, with the new holder taking their position from 1 January 2013.